Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What Are The Top Looks In Women's Fashion

Even though fashion designers and fashion shows focus on clothing and shoes for men, women and children, women's fashion is the focus.  It's the clothing, shoes and accessories that females shop for that grabs the spotlights.

Women fashion is more than just clothes.  It's the sign of the times.  It signifies  what women are wearing today, not yesterday.  When models strut down the runway, they are showing off not only the latest designs, but the looks that will lead the fashion world.

What are the current trends in women's fashion?

1. Oversized Bags

The little purses of yesterday are out-of-style next to the large looks of today.  Today, women are carrying extra large bags that they can either wear hanging from their shoulders or carry in their hands.  Look at any celebrity photographed walking down Rodeo Drive, and she is sure to be carrying on of these bags by her  favorite designer.

2. Skinny Jeans

The woman who wants to be in style with her jeans will wear skinny jeans.  They've been seen on lots of females, and not just those with thin bodies. Boot cut or wide leg jeans are no longer the current styles.

3. Leggings

Similar to skinny jeans, leggings are loved by almost every woman.  Not just relegated to the gym or yoga class, leggings are a comfortable clothing option that has been seen in not only casual looks, but dressy looks as well.

4. Super High Heels

Back in the 1970s, enormous wedge heels were popular.  Today, mega high heels are back, in a variety of looks, including the famous wedge.  This is a look that is generally seen when a woman is going to a club or out to a fancy event.

Celebrities can be seen wearing these shows when they're on stage performing.  There's nothing comfortable about these shoes.  They're made for showing off, and they are meant to be worn for only a short time.

5. Hair Extensions

Fashion extends beyond clothes and shoes.  Hair is part of fashion, and today's hair includes hair extensions.  A woman who has short hair can transform her hair into a long-haired style in minutes with hair extensions.  Extensions have been seen on everyday women but are also loved by celebrities.

6. Big Sunglasses

The shape of sunglasses have changed over the years, but today women are into big sunglasses that give off that movie star look  These sunglasses are available in a broad range of prices from affordable to ultra-expensive.

There's nothing quite as exciting as women's fashion.  They fill the pages of fashion magazines, are displayed in movies, TV shows and in commercials, and are present in the advertisements that we see every day.

The best women's fashion focuses on comfort, style, design, and sophistication. However,  most importantly, it focuses on innovation.  Fashion designers are applauded for unique and unusual concepts for women's fashion, not for cookie-cutter images that don't take the fashion scene into new and exciting directions.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Finding The Best Women Fashion Deals

If you have ever shopped for women's fashion, you likely know how expensive it can get. The good news is that there are tons of ways to save money on different women fashion clothing and accessories. Below we will discuss some of the best ways to save a ton of money on your next shopping spree.


1. Sales.

The best tip that you can utilize is to only shop during sales. The truth is, you should pretty much apply this to every kind of shopping you do. However, this is especially true for when you are shopping for women's things. The reason is, a lot of retailers run sales constantly. Never go shopping or purchase anything in between their sales. Literally, you will have to wait one week max to find another great sale to take advantage of. By doing this, you will be able to score a bunch of clothing and accessories at fabulous prices. If you shop when the sale ends, you will likely find that you can purchase less things for the same amount of money due to the over inflated prices.

2. Coupons.

The next big tip is to utilize coupons whenever you go shopping. The good news with this is that most big box retailers offer coupons throughout the entire year. This means that you shouldn't be limited to when you go shopping by waiting for coupons. A lot of them send coupons literally every week right to your doorstep via registered mail. Therefore, always make sure that you do not throw away your 'junk mail.' This is because a lot of retailers still use direct mail as one of their best ways to get coupons out to potential buyers.

Because they tend to send coupons out every week or every month, you should also be able to stack the coupons for extra discount on top of their already established sale prices during big sale events. This means that you could save a ton of money on your purchases.

3. Cash Back.

Another good way to save money on your purchases for women fashion is by using cash back websites and/or credit cards in order to score more discounts on top of your purchases. These are essentially websites that give you money for shopping through them instead of going directly to the retailer. It works because the retailer see's these websites as 'sales' people. If they refer someone to their website to make a purchase through the cash back website, they are happy to pay a small commission for the entire sale. The cash back websites then pass back these savings to the end consumer. It is essentially a win-win-win scenario. This is a great tool to use to get even more discounts on top of your already great savings through shopping during sales and/or using coupons.

Follow the tips above and you should be able to score great deals on all kinds of women's fashion, clothing, and accessories.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Fashion Tips For Women In The New Year

With the start of the New Year, many women are looking to make good on those New Year's resolutions. When it comes to women's fashion, many women just go with what they throw on in the morning. However, many women want to look their best. Below you will find some of the best women's fashion tips to follow if you want to dress to please.

Know Your Body

The very first thing you will want to do before you head out on any fashion-shopping trip is take your measurements. Knowing your measurements will not only help you cut down on shopping time, it will also help you not waste your time trying on clothes that will never fit you. The most important parts of your body to measure are your bust, hips, waist, and your chest.

Don't Buy To Tight Or To Loose

You should dress for your size. This means not buying clothes that fit you like a glove that is too tight. It also means that you shouldn't wear clothes that are to baggy for your frame. They make you look frumpy and unkempt, so you should avoid them at all cost.

Shop Alone

It is much better to shop alone, than it is to go with a friend or a group of friends. Shopping with friends can be distracting, so you end up buying clothes that you wouldn't otherwise buy. Be a lone wolf and shop alone.

Know The Colors That Work For You

You should figure out what your skin tone is, before you start choosing the color of your clothes. It is important to know which colors flatter your figure and your skin tone.

The same holds true for makeup. You don't want to choose makeup that looks garish and unnatural. Remember, makeup is meant to enhance your appearance, not make you look made up and artificial.

Take The Time To Organize Your Closet

One of the biggest fashion no-no's there is, is having a disorganized closet. Before you decide to go out and get a new wardrobe, you need to take the time to go through your closet garment by garment. In this way, you determine what you have, what to keep, and what needs to be given away to make room for more.

Organize Your Jewelry

The state of your jewelry is just as important as the state of your clothes. You should organize your jewelry in such a way that you can easily pick out what to wear with each outfit at any given moment.
It is best to store your jewelry in a jewelry box, so that nothing gets lost or broken. It is also better for seeing what jewelry you have, so that you don't buy duplicates on down the road.

These are just a few fashion tips that should carry a woman into the New Year. Those resolutions can be kept, by following the few simple fashion rules listed above. You will be the belle of the ball and dressed stylishly to boot.

Source : Baju Wanita Online

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Fact: Curvy ladies are killing it in the style game.

Want proof? Just have a look at Chanté at Everything Curvy and Chic, Marie at Migg Magg, and Chastity at Garner Design, most of whom offered a common style ideas and ideas to BuzzFeed Life.

one Embrace your belly.

“I know lots of plus-size ladies who follow one design guideline: HIDE THE STOMACH, ” states Ospina. “But frequently, this results in putting on horrifically unflattering and baggy, fit-for-high-school-PE clothing. It’s nearly a formula for sensation good regarding yourself. ”
And shapewear may over-promise and under-deliver. “Oftentimes, shapewear and supposedly high-waisted denim jeans won’t make you appear to be an hourglass bombshell. They’ll produce lumps where there are not any. Therefore rather than concentrating on hiding your tummy, find clothing that produce you happy! ”

second. Spend money on good underwear.

Have a lesson from in addition-dimension supermodel Ashley Graham and obtain an excellent bra and panties. “ Ensure that a person wear the correct undergarments, ” advises Chanté B., the blogger right behind Everything Curvy and Chic. “ There is nothing worse compared to getting the perfect outfit however, not getting the right basis to draw it away. ”

3. And that will go double once and for all basics.

Spend money on tanks and tees, leggings and tights that you could wear under everything.

4. on plenty of different dimensions when you are shopping.

Dimension ain’t nothin’ but lots, and dimensions often aren’t consistent among brands.
“So everybody knows a 14 is not a 14 almost everywhere, ” states Ospina. “If you are like me, your size range most likely encompasses the solitary digits to the dual ones, based on the brand. I certainly encourage everyone to test out sizes! Don’t hesitate of attempting on a 12 somewhere because, ‘THAT COULD NOT FIT. ’ This perfectly might! ”

five. Find clothing that slimmer your unique shape.

Not absolutely all crooked girls will be the same. Probably you’re a triangle or an hourglass, a gemstone or a good oval, a physique eight or even inverted triangle. Whatever your own form, this handy manual will help you find designs that will flatter.

6. Crop covers FTW.

Gabi Fresh may be the queen of this.
“I know revealing a small amount of belly could be horrifying when we are frequently taught it’s part of the entire body worth pity, ” states Ospina. Yet really? “Crop tops have a tendency to appearance AMAZING on fuller-figured ladies. Something about them showcases just the right level of sexy curves. And that may definitely be empowering! ”

7. Try some knee-highs or thigh-highs.

Thigh-highs and knee-highs “elongate the legs, put in a certain sort of sass, plus they lead to a far quirkier clothing than your run-of-the-mill ankle socks, ” states Ospina. “ I really like merging mesh tights ( ideally polka dot) with thigh-highs at the top. Something concerning the combo does indeed make thicker legs appear awesome and sexy, and it is a design trick perfect for this season. ”

eight. And don’t hide from your own curves.

Wearing oversized clothes targeted at camouflaging your body can in fact make you look larger than you are. By taking on your curves, you’ll discover that clothes are in fact more flattering.

nine. OTT Accessorizing isn’t usually necessary.

Ospina emphasizes that will you shouldn’t feel just like you need to douse yourself inside baubles to sense beautiful. Rather, she suggests attempting a great, outsized print instead.
“Gone are the times whenever all that has been bought through a 12+ were shoe cut denim jeans and sagging tees, ” states Ospina. “In case you have a flare for several things kitsch and noisy, get a bold- imprinted bodycon or an Alexander-McQueen-would-be-proud co-ord arranged. Jewelry could be super enjoyment, but tugging off a bold appearance with out a chunky necklace could be a lot more interesting. ”

ten. Know your materials.

Being aware of what materials you prefer - plus which materials you completely hate towards your pores and skin - can make shopping easier.
“You’lll understand whats complementing for the body type which can make your shopping encounter 10x’s better waiting for you plus online, ” recommends Chanté.

11. Don’t skimp upon tailoring.

Tailoring is really a relatively inexpensive solution to have a huge effect on the way your clothes fit. It could be the distinction between an outfit searching frumpy and sloppy, or put together totally. Just to illustrate: Kim of your blog Normally Fashionable paid simply $18 to show this extra-large coral A-line shift in to the perfect body con gown.

12. Wide belts will probably be your best styling friend.

In the event that you don’t have time and energy to have a skirt or t-shirt to the tailor, suggests Garner, throw a broad belt to hide the excess fabric. A structured blazer may also hide a variety of tailoring sins.

13. Whenever in question, select a fit and flare gown .

“Fit and flare gowns appear good about any physique and most of us have a minumum of one in the closet, ” states Garner. True.

fourteen. Always, usually, ALWAYS put on why is you feel great.

“Existence is entirely too brief to take into account lists of guidelines and what others may think, ” says Get. Amen.


We have got to hands this to Taylor Swift. In the last couple of years, the national country singer-turned-pop celebrity has exchanged in her signature princess gowns and sweet, girly design for the complete style overhaul. It is one which has produced felines into an accessory, motivated everyone to up their particular post-gym beauty video game, plus gained her a number-one i'm all over this year’s People’s Greatest Dressed list.

Yet, while Swift might not possess any qualms about displaying cleavage or perhaps a sliver of stomach, there’s one entire body component she still helps to keep hidden: her belly key. This secrecy provides motivated web rumors - Could it be pierced? Could it be an outie? - however the world may in no way know the answer. Because the singer shows Fortunate, “ When you begin displaying your belly key, you’re really investing in the midriff thing after that. I only partially invest in the midriff factor : you’re only viewing reduced rib cage. I'd like people to know easily have one or even not don’t. ”

In true T-Swift style, she really wants to maintain items classy and keep maintaining a tip of mystery. much as anyone understands “As, centered on my open public performances, they haven’t seen proof a belly key. It may be pierced. They will have no basic idea. If I am likely to acquire some type of substantial tattoo, it’s likely to be right close to our belly key because simply no one’s actually likely in order to note that. ” Touché.

Knowing through the smart, satirical “Blank Space” movie, that will Becky T- clothing, plus now this, it is a woman that not merely enjoys playing along with the general public, she's furthermore excellent at it. Therefore chalk one around The singer Swift just as before, and obtain a new sneak peek at the girl December/January Fortunate cover function here.


D.C. Superior Courtroom Judge Juliet J. McKenna ruled that the ladies “didn't have an acceptable expectation of personal privacy in that public place and they got positioned themselves with techniques that produced there intimate areas noticeable to any passerby,” because the Washington Write-up reported. Her ruling claims that “There is absolutely no evidence Mr. Cleveland positioned his camera in virtually any real method or employed photographic strategies or illumination, in order to capture images which were not on public screen already.” This, despite the fact that officers who detained Cleveland discovered hundreds of “comparable pictures from additional outings” on some type of computer kept in Cleveland’s car.

Less than a complete month ago, a Texas Courtroom issued quite similar ruling, striking down a new law that could ban upskirt pictures on the lands that it “will be a violation of federal government free-speech rights and a new ‘paternalistic’ effort to modify the photographers’ thoughts.”
I understand what you’re thinking: just what a gross ruling! How unfair and ridiculous and horrifying totally, to have no lawful recourse in the case this happens for you.

But honestly, this ruling helps make perfect sense. Everything bad that occurs to a woman may be the female’s fault always. It is possible to never allow you to ultimately go out in a loose-fitting garment and simply expect that no guy position behind you on an escalator will snag that underpants portrait. Keep in mind: when you’re feminine, if another person behaves in a fashion that is completely, inappropriate irredeemably, the one who is responsible is you truly.

I actually bet you’re digging during your dresser drawers looking for something appropriate to degrade of doors. Coming empty up, without doubt. Yours is genuine whore’s wardrobe. Well, any longer. Here are a few fashion-forward strategies for you!
Getting the obvious taken care of: only wear skirts or even dresses in case you are fully ready to be responsible in the event another person decides to violate a person by taking an image of you from the particular ground-level-up, a viewpoint you ought to have had in mind whilst getting dressed obviously.
Don’t wear denims, either. “Wearing denims and roaming around attracts unwanted attention.” You need to only be attracting essential attention, just like the exact ideal amount of attention. A guy shall determine the right level of attention you deserve. Trousers are unacceptable also.
Leggings make you appear to be a prostitute, thus, that’s a no-go.

Come to think about it, it would appear that all waist-and-below choices are problematic in a few real way. Not sure how exactly to help you on that front actually. Virtually a lose-lose-lose situation.
But what about the final line of protection between you and that coveted upskirt photo? Will mere underwear, produced only of fabric, be adequate? U.S. Lawyer Akhi Johnson argued “females generally have got a subjective expectation of personal privacy against photographs of these private locations while wearing clothes to cover the personal region.” But Judge McKenna struck that insanity down, this means, clearly, wearing clothes to cover the body so as to avoid onlookers from seeing the body is not doing good enough to shield your skin layer from their gaze.

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Marian Rivera will be FHM's Most sexy Lady in the Philippines for the next straight 12 months! Madams and sirs, let's all supply the Queen a warm circular of applause!
This can make Marian the initial woman in order to win our coveted name 3 x! Her preliminary operate in 2008 proved that she belongs correct up there with the sexiest of 'em. Her return earn in 2013 informed us that she's prepared to reign supreme once again plus usher people into the new period of attractive. However the 3rd one, child, how will you possibly explain this? Marian Rivera has formally now end up being the gold standard for achievement!

Desire to hear something a lot more awesome? Through the a lot more than 13 mil votes cast with this year's poll, the now-three period Nation's Finest obtained the total of just one 1, 529, 974 votes. That's nearly dual the votes the girl obtained from this past year (890, 490)! Reckon that second FHM cover and the ones Belo and Bench Entire body billboards really, really compensated back.

This thing more than likely have already been possible without your own help, FHM Nation. We want to thank those that introduced our website and microsite an impressive 58 million pageviews inside a span of 8 weeks. We want to thank the two second. 9 million unique visitors who held this point rolling for the better portion of the campaign. And in order to those that delivered to the Peak Press office their imprinted ballots-you, sirs, will be the heart and soul of the list. Naks!